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"Religion Demystified - Understanding Life's Mysteries in terms of Latest Scientific Findings",  ISBN: 978-81-7525-971-3,  pp: xiv + 126, Dec 2008,   I-SERVE, Hyderabad, India.


From Backcover of the Book:
“Dr. Vemuri Ramesam is a trailblazer. His ability to interpret modern knowledge in terms of the Indian spirit is unequalled.” -- Karmayogi, Founder President, The Mother’s Service Society.
“A perfectly composed book any thinking individual would like to have in her library to read and re-read.” -- Prof. Plamen Gradinarov, Editor, Indology Online Journals.
In 28 crisp essays Dr. Vemuri Ramesam covers cutting edge scientific developments in a wide variety of fields from Quantum and High Energy Physics to Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Anthropology etc. in simple terms. He relates these to our day to day life trying to tease out the mysticism behind tradition. The book provides a refreshing look at man and his position in the universe. Dr. Ramesam defines ‘comfort’ in terms of energy expended and explains ‘liberation’ as an effortless “zero mind – active body” state. He argues for a physiological basis for Nirvana and proposes a testable model for the idea. The book gives a hope that science may find a way to attain the ultimate goal of “ A Happy Individual and A Harmonious Society”, a quest man has been after for millennia of years.
"In his humble and unpretentious manner, Dr. Vemuri Ramesam shares his mind and his thoughts about a wide variety of subjects, beginning with a brief review of cosmogony and cosmology, and ending with a cogent analysis of non-dualism. As we are all seekers, the essays found in Religion Demystified will help to open the mind and expand consciousness. Who has not wondered about dark energy and matter, the effects of meditation, karma, sleep and dreams? Great food for thought is found in the pages of this book and for those of us who are attempting to awaken, this book is highly recommended."   -   Dr. John L. Turner, author of Medicine, Miracles and Manifestations.

Interview with Dr. Ramesam Vemuri on Jivanmukta by Non-Duality Magazine (NDM):

Part - 1 (July 2010): 

Part - 2 (Sept 2010): 

Dialogue on Non-Duality with Dr. Ramesam Vmuri by Paula Marvelly (Spring 2011):

Neuronal Correlates of a Jivanmukta’s Mind – Identification of “Markers” in the Brain:

Clip from a talk on Oct 30, 2011 at Dallas, TX, USA on Non-Duality:

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