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Religion Demystified





1.  Origin of the Universe

         Excitement of doing Science vs. authoritative statements.  Big Bang  and String theory with a blow-by-blow account of Origin of Universe.


2.  What makes up the Matter in the Universe?                                       

     We know what is there on the earth.  Is the whole universe like the earth?


3.    "You Don't Belong Here!"

       On the origin of living beings; you come from distant stars and are older than Sun.


4.  Nanrishih Kurute Kavyam

     (Remembering Dr. Albert Einstein) 

        Talks about Dr. Eisntein’s Rishi-like  life, work and thought


5.  The True Nature of Man

        Discusses the natural state of man and what it means to be truthful.


6.  Hormones and Swings in Emotions

       Though we desire to act in one way, why do we behave differently?


7.  Three Myths

          Our scriptures are not correct about Love, Non-violence and  Man being supreme.


8.  The Power of Thinking 

          “Thought” is a form of energy.


9.  Pain, Suffering & Placebo 

            Swamis do cure our chronic illnesses.


10.  Sex and the Brain

            Do women need to read Vivekachudamani?  Says that women are

            by nature more balanced.


11.  Ship of Theseus

            When everything in you and around you is changing, how do you

know you are still “you?”


12.   Experiencing Other’s Pain 

            Role of Mirror Neurons in sensing other’s mind and learning skills. 

Explains ‘ empathy’.  


13.  Comfort, Happiness and Energy Dynamics 

           Provides a definition for comfort in terms of energy expended


14.  Prediction by Phone 

          Bayesian statistics help forecast future with sparse information.


15. Karma Theory and Perceptual Control 

           Points out the basic assumptions in Karma Theory and how they are not valid.


16. Effect of Meditation on Brain

          Neuroscientific findings show functional and structural changes in  brain with Meditation.   


17.  The Four Outcomes 

          Assuming a Mind-Body duality (notionally at a functional level), what is Nirvana?


18.  Pure Mind 

          Fun with optic and logic illusions.  Shows what you see around is not truly what you think you see.


19. The “Self” Within Us 

          “Self” is a mere concept for the processes coordinated by

several parts of the brain for autopreservation.                      


20. Disinfect Mind And Realize Truth

           ‘Memes’ are the replicators of ideas which infect mind.  Ancient  sages knew the havoc memes could play as illustrated by the story of Lord

Vishnu  advising Sage Gadhi to purify mind to be able to realize Brahman.


21. What You Think, That You Will Be!

          The influence of Environment and Thought on Gene Expression


22. Reality “Out There” and Quantum Physics

         Quantum Uncertainty, ‘Cat states’, Role of Perception in giving raise to observed Reality and Oneness.


23. We are All an Entangled Web

          How everything is connected to everything else, EPR Paradox,  Holographic World, Teleportation, All Info at one point, and Gaudapada’s Concept of ‘Nothing is ever Created’.


24. The Weird World of Small Things

          Experiments leading to Quantum Theory, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, World as a Wave, Interpretations of Qunatum Physics, Concept of Many Worlds, Does Quantum  Theory need a Revision?


25.  Invisible Energy in Empty Space

         Overwhelming Emptiness within Space and Atoms, Cosmological and Quantum Estimate of Energy of Empty Space, Cosmological Constant and Quantum Foam, Upanishadic  Concepts. 


26.  Wakeful, Deep Sleep And Dream Worlds

           The three states are examined from the angle of brain’s activity.  Brain is a high energy-consumptive organ.  Deep sleep helps in energy conservation and in cleaning up the waste products of daytime activity.  Dreams help in off-line processing of information, in clearing up the clutter of day’s information and in organization of memory.


27. You Are A Walking Zoo  

          Microbes constitute 3-4 Kg of our body weight and outnumber our cells by 10 times.  A number of them have a symbiotic relationship with body functions.  They work as colonies in maintaining our health.  Our choice of food depends on the flora we have in our guts.


28. The Arrow of Time

            Time and Expanding Universe - Time not detected by any of our senses - it is a construct of the mind.  Lord Vsihnu's explaination - Thought creates time and Non-Dual Truth exists when Time and Thought do not.


29.  Pleasure of Sex v. Bliss of Self in Brain Scans                 

Brain structure – No G-Spot – Sex is sensual – Salvation transcends senses – Brain scans vary depending on the type of Meditation – Epilepsy and Religious feeling - Reward circuits more active in Sex – Scans exhibit many differences between Peak Sex and Religious High.    


30.  "Sniff, Sniff,  We are Earthlings!"

           Discusses the importance of the sense of 'smell' for the  creatures living on the earth - Smell signifies the predominant quality of the Element Earth (gandha) - how human beings lost the full potency of this faculty -  the play of smell in our lives in mutual attraction. 





31.  Religion Demystified

             Examines the development of religious thought from the latest concepts in Neuroscience, Physics, Anthropology, Cell and Molecular Biology etc.


32. Biology of Belief – The Missing Link Between Prarabdha and Free Will 

            Can we change the heritable characteristics through meditation and

            thus affect the Sanchita Karma (stored effects)?


33. Infirmities in Karma Theory

            The concepts underpinning  The Theory of Karma (that the effect of present action will be reaped in a future birth) cannot be scientifically not valid.


34. Meditations on Advaita

            Traces man’s evolutionary history, abstract thinking capability and realization of non-dualistic awareness as a coping mechanism for survival.  Presents the concept of an individual  ‘self’ and a universal ‘Self’ to represent a shift in the information processing gateways of neuronal networks.  Raises the question whether such a shift can be available for mass scale applicability through an understanding of the neurochemistry and brain structure.




Book Review of John Wheeler's "You Were Never Born";


Translations of the Works of Shri K.V. Krishna Murthy, Chairman, I-SERVE, on Yogavaasishta, Yogataaraavali etc. etc. 


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