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Religion Demystified




Let your body and mind function freely without all the self-concern and identification. They were born. You did not create them, nor do you own them. You cannot even control the life or activities of a single cell, a single hair on your head! You are not breathing or beating the heart. You are not causing thoughts to appear. You have no input about the millions of transactions and chemical acitivities going on in the body and brain every second.

You are putting WAY TOO much focus on something that has NOTHING to do with self-knowledge. Leave the body and mind  to do what they already know how to do much better than you do -- live and function in the world. Without your meddling and false identification, they may have some chance of living out their days in relative peace and quite without you interfering!
Then you can get to the task at hand, which is clarifying who you are. You do not need the body to be or be aware. The body simply comes and goes as an appearance before you. So what are you?


Nature feeds your body. Nature feeds my body. We are like the lilies of the field, as spoken of in the Bible. They are cared for by nature, as are we. Do lilies of the field have to do anything to feed themselves? Neither do you. It happens automatically.  You are under the mistaken impression that there is a “you” who moves towards the kitchen and makes a meal.  There is no “you” doing any of that. Look into that.  You are not the body.............

Only a “person” can bear the inevitable, and can escape from the harsh reality of life. If you find out that you are not a person, then what happens to all of that? How can there be anything to escape from, when all we ever have wanted to escape from was stuff that applied only to the “person”? You are not a person.  There is awareness, and that’s all. Notice right now, you are aware, and that’s all you know. The contents of thought (a person, etc.) are only known to you because someone told you about them, and you remember.  They are not present in the immediate, spontaneous present of your knowing. Only in memory is a “person” there.



You exist and you know that you exist, yes? Is thought necessary to know this or is there a knowingness that is not dependent upon thought acting here? After that, everything else is conceptual and is open to argument. There are many who are very skilled at arguing about this - that is not my interest or my strength. See that this SEEING is here, right now (there is no other time) - within this seeing there are certain tensions, contractions, sensations, etc. that we have LEARNED to call "the body." However, notice that even now, these sensations, etc. coalesce and dissolve with no one there to "control" them. Notice that even the sense of "you" arises and dissolves. If you are trying to find a way to convince thought of this understanding, well, good luck. That certainly did not and has not happened for me! Stay with this simple, direct, uncomplicated SEEING. Within that, the desire to feed others, change political systems, fight for justice, etc. may arise (that has certainly been true here - I work as a social worker) - the dream is certainly "real enough!" But, SEE that it is a dream and that all of us are dream characters within it. Within the dream - otherwise known as samsara - the drama will continue. Fair enough. Don't mistake what you REALLY ARE with this character. Investigate for yourself. This must become intensely personal or it is worthless.